Holiday Mayhem!

This is just a quick post as I’m off on holiday. All the way to sunny(?!?) Ireland. However, why is it that just before going away it is like the Alamho? It seems that everything you haven’t got done for 2 months suddenly needs to get done. It is now 3pm, I’m leaving in an hour. I have still not packed, but so far today I have:

  • Tried to buy a house
  • Sorted out a mortgage application
  • Threatened to sue my energy supplier
  • Complained to my bank
  • Stripped a ceiling of wallpaper and arranged a plasterer to come around
  • Checked on friends doing things with Dignity
  • Channeled in a new electric cable and socket to a wall
  • Cleaned the building site of my house
  • Put half a tonne of rubbish in the driveway
  • Been to B & Q to take stuff back
  • etc

Why do we do it? All with the aim of trying to relax! It’s fascinating isn’t it. Oh well, suffice to say I may not update this for a couple of weeks. But if you could pray that have a relaxing time and that I just maybe manage to stop to listen to the Lord for while, that’d be great! Keep on praying about the Angolan visa’s too. Have a GOOD HOLIDAY as well.



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