Technology is meant to make you Life Easier

technology Or is it? That’s my thought after this week. At the risk of being sued by the Car phone Warehouse, DO NOT sign up with Talk Talk ever or indeed buy a phone off them. 🙂 Now there’s a recommendation for you.

Why the animosity you might ask? Well, I managed to travel from Stoke to Birmingham in the time it took the lovely customer service people to sort out my phone. I mean, How hard can it be? Anyway, my rant is now over….. for now.

Today I met some lovely African brothers at a Church in Manchester. Entering their building was like traveling thousands of miles to an African Country. Great building but felt African, great meeting, all of the dynamics were African. If you ever feel dismayed or bemused go and see some African Christians, they’ll make you feel better. They have a vibe and go getting quality that I just love. Brings out the best in me.

Another high point this week was meeting two friends of mine Adam and Helen who are going out to Zambia with Dignity for 6 months. There they will be working at Mibila clinic and working with the health authorities in the area to make things work in the long term. Have a look at their blog.

This week I have also been in Worcestershire. Yes, the place that has been flooded in the last week or so. Fortunately my parents in law’s house was only cut off and not actually flooded. I was also privileged to speak at Malvern Evangelical Church. They were really nice…. and even gave Dignity a gift. So thank you to all at MEC.

How am I doing at the moment? Well I suppose I’m doing fairly good. Actually, to tell you the truth about how I’m doing, I’m just really jaded. I’m very hopeful for the future, but I’m glad August has arrived, the month I’m taking off to slow down a little and spend time with the family. Thinking about my previous posts, I’m really trying hard to know God rather than do things for him. I’m always fighting the temptation to try and be great, rather than just being, and getting on with what he has put in front of me. That’s refreshingly honest, isn’t it? Anyway, I have a thousand and one ideas about what to do next year, we’ll see which ones transpire. But this month I need to rest. Wait until September though…. it’s gonna be good… or at least I hope it will be.

Technology by the way does make your life easier – if you ignore it all and bin it I’ve decided. Here writing this blog on my laptop, with my Internet connection and broadband router….. I think you should bin all technology, mmmmmmm 🙂

My wife always said I was a geek, maybe I should just accept it?


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