Strange Conversation with the Housekeeper

story icon I’m actually writing this entry to test using some blogging software on my laptop. However at the same time I may as well tell you an amusing (ish) story. Today, I tried to ring the Angolan Ambassador in Spain. A friend knows him and I am trying to short circuit the usual visa entry routes for the country, because they are so laborious!

Anyway, I psyche myself up, as I must do the conversation in Portuguese and who wants to sound like a spanner with an Ambassador? I ring, someone picks the phone up, presumably his wife. I at GREAT pains try to tell her I’m a missionary, work in Moxico province in Angola, they know my friends and on and on I go….. only to find out the recipient of my dodgy Portuguese is none other than the housekeeper. She tells me the ambassador will be back in 4 hours……

Learn from my stupidity….


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