I’ve just eaten a Magnum Ice Cream

well more to the point I’ve eaten half a Magnum Ice Cream (Jude scoffed the rest… I ate, she scoffed.) What’s the point of this post I hear you cry? Well at the moment I’m not sure. I could tell you that the speaking engagement in Chester went quite well I think. If Andy Glover ever reads this then I suppose he could post a comment about his opinion….

Let me tell you what I’ve been thinking about. It’s all this, “be still with God” type stuff. If you want my opinion, it is flippin hard work. I had a conversation today with a friend Alan Taylor about just how you do it. More than that, if you have a church how do you do it. The combined might of our spiritual wisdom came up with an eloquent answer….. it’s difficult. Impressed? Seriously though, how do you do it? Let me share with you two things I’m trying to do at the moment.

Firstly, invite God to be with you in your day and try and be mindful of Him (even when you are eating Magnum’s) and secondly, don’t just try and carve out some regular time to spend with Him, do it for a change.  Thirdly (yes I know I only said two) don’t get pulled into asking God for things all of the time, just sit, read the Bible, think about it, ask God to guide your thoughts and attitudes and see where you end up (that’s called meditation for those of you now in the know!)

Well they are my combined thoughts on the subject, and one to be honest I am mightily struggling with myself at the moment. Well, you could always go and get that Magnum out of the freezer instead…………. oooo tempting………


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