Taking it easy with Die Hard 4.0

Hey! I’ve just been to see Die Hard 4.0. Good film, go and see it if you can. At the moment I’m under medical orders to take it easy. If you see me, maybe ask me about it sometime. What you are not going to get is a blow by blow account of why, especially here for all the world to see on the net. Suffice to say, I’m finding this kind of hard.

So far in my week of not doing anything, I have spent 2 says praying in North Yorkshire (and very good it was too!), started to set up this website, encouraged a couple of fellow evangelists, wrote a sermon and delivered it twice today, as well as going to a baptism party! Will I ever learn? That is not a heavy week, but it is hardly doing nothing!

Seriously. For those of you who know me, you will know how hard I find it just to be still. More than anything that is what I feel I should be doing at the moment. I need help in that.

Sermons are funny things. I’ve had it where I really thought I had said something significant, only for it to be forgotten in the sands of time. And then you have days like today, where i must have spent about twenty minutes being absolutely sure that I’d mullered it up! Only to be confronted by various people in states of joy or upset (good upset btw) about what I had said. Maybe I bother too much about what people think??The thing I am meant to say is that as long as the Lord spoke then all is well. I guess in my head I know it’s true, but in my heart there can be so many competing desires for that accolade. Hey! I tell you what, next time you are doing something for God and you think you have mullered it, maybe just maybe he used you? Liberating, ain’t it?

One last thing, see Die Hard 4.0


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