Plans Change

For some of you looking at the date on this post, you may be thinking, shouldn’t Jon be in Africa right now? Well yes you are kind of right. I am meant to be 5000 miles away from where I am at the present time. Plans Change. Instead I’m at a friends farmhouse in North Yorkshire!

So I have some unexpected time to really connect with the Lord and just to spend some time with Him. Enjoy Him and enjoy myself doing some things I do not normally have the time to do! I’d be grateful if you could just pray that I centre myself in Him. So often I wander off and I need to focus just on Him, not even on what I do for Him! There is a difference!


One thought on “Plans Change

  1. Hi Jon,

    I saw your new info via Facebook news. I am busy, but thought I would encourage you. The new blog looks excellent. But, I realize it is hard to blog regularly and do other work for the Lord. All the best with ministry plans, and that is a nice header photo.



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